"Shadowlands are unnecessary for moving small numbers. You don't think I walked all the way from the Font, do you?"
"However, if you're left without a Necromancer, that is where you'll have to go. It would be a long walk, but there will be lesser transports you can acquire."

Masque will point out the locations on the map. Northwest of Gem, in the Southern Flamepeaks about 300 miles distant, is Merciless. A shorter distance north of Merciless, perhaps 75 or a hundred miles, is the airshipyard. About 1000 miles to the west of Merciless is the nearest shadowland.


"Go ahead, Drake. Interesting is usually trouble, but your tone sounds like good news to me." As he speaks, Drake can hear the clamour of voices and the pulse of essence weaponry in the background, but Nazri sounds perfectly at ease.