Random maneuver recovery like that is... bad. Very bad.

At 1st level, you'd have to keep track of 6 different countdowns, each one of a different length, before you can use your stuff again. It's just clunky, and does not work well.

And I haven't watched Highlander in forever, but I would argue that martial skill wasn't all they had.

And the reason for having more than a pair of class features is that you are encouraging 1 or 2 level dips, which is bad design. In fact, modelling anything after the Wizard is actually really bad design, since the class was poorly designed (much like the Wizard, it's a no-brainer to PrC with this class, since you aren't actually really losing anything.)

So, yeah, the Blade Scholar is a better implementation of the "wizardly initiator" concept, since it gives you some incentive to actually advance in the class, and fully shapes your fighting style (due to restricting you to certain weapons if you want to use weapons from a specific discipline).

Whereas if anyone approached me and wanted to play this class, I wouldn't let them, since the fact that it is literally a dip class just offends me on a deep and personal level.

Good try, though; maybe take a look at some of your assumptions for this class, and adjust? And may I suggest looking at, for example, the Crusader recovery system?