Suddenly an update appeared!

Journal of the deseased Wookieetank

22nd of Opal: So I find myself a ghost, and my only surviving kin a vampire battling the horde of the undead. Lets see what I can do in guiding Iton from beyond the grave.

First order of business, setting up a wall around the far side of the river, to hopefully cut down on the undead's access to our fort.

23rd of Opal: Iton is now expedition leader, can't say I'm surprised honestly, although it is interesting that it took him this long to "take over"...

26th of Opal: Thieves are running off with all our things. Well a pair of iron earings so far, will have to look at security once things settle down.

4th of obsidian: Had to convince Iton to disband the militia. He keep practicing archery when there was work to be done.

16th of Obsidian: Another Ambush! Should be interesting to see if Iton or the Undead get to them first.

19th of Obsidian: Yet another ambush, almost glad I'm a ghost now, but I sure could do with some ale. Would making watching this on going disaster more enjoyable at least.

20th of Slate: Migrants arrive, or migrant I should say. Either way our fort has grown by 100% Progress! I'm not sure how/why someone would come willingly to our fort. I suppose someone must be desperate to get rid of people back home.