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Eh, Grem's up there with nothing but allies now. I'm expecting they'll be able to come over and bind his wounds now -- there's a few healing potions scattered around where Biscuit just was. Or it's possible the trauma of removing the giant axe taking residence in his torso will be too much. It's up to the plot.

As for the cra-sploosh... I'm hoping Duv's not dead. That'd probably be lame. But I'll have to see how it's handled.

The image I'm seeing in the future of Biscuit noticing Fox bleeding out and giving her a healing potion with a 'ptoo' is great, though.
I now have a picture of Biscut giving Fox a literal "kiss of life" to pass some healing potion to her, unable to just open his mouth due to risk of it all spilling out.

Thank you for that.