When Shirley settled down to peel open the notebook, she found it in poor condition, a few pages almost falling out, some stained or burnt with holes in them. Inside was a mess of text, the first page written in a whole slew of strange languages. The first page read:

это не для вас
this is not for you

Inside were a collection of what appear to be stories, also translated in similar fashion, with notes sketched along the edges. All throughout all of this story notes and odd text has been interspersed, as well as various strange symbols:

The first one is a story about a girl named Character. Character is an ordinary girl in a magical kingdom. One day she finds a magic scarf that transforms her into a beautiful princess. With her new disguise she attends the royal ball, where she meets a charming prince. All is not well, however, and she loses her scarf during a particularly lively dance. Shocked, the royal family orders her arrested and condemned to torture and imprisonment. It is explicitly detailed. Eventually Character starts to question her existence and directly asks the writer, named Author, why she is condemned to her fate. Author explains that were it not for her treatment, she would never have thought to question her existence and spoke to Author. Now that she has realized this, Author tells Character that she is ready to write her own story.

The bottom of the page is covered in blood.

Roll Intelligence+Occult and Resolve+Composure. You can spend willpower on either. You may roll these two things this every IC day if you choose to read more, just remind me.