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    Before going to bed, Shirley took a look inside the journal. It wasn't a pleasant read, yet she forces herself to go on, for the sake of finding out the truth. Sadly, it wasn't going to happen. Once again, Shirley cursed herself for not learning even a bit about the occult symbolism; but, of, who could have known?
    Resolve + composure passed, Int+Occult failed, but not dramatically, at least.

    Next morning, Shirley gets up early, and slips into her tracksuit; claiming that she decided to start running in the morning is a convenient excuse to have some free time before school, and, besides, it would be true - as soon as the secret base would be set up and running, anyway. Meanwhile, cleaning up the warehouse is enough of a workout so that she doesn't mind missing the gym class at all.
    As she enters the warehouse, donning her Princess garb feels rather natural for her; placing the magnifying glass into the front pocket of her coat, she joins the other in their efforts... passively at first, just listening carefully, searching for bits that doesn't seem right...
    My rolls for Scent Falsehood: first, reroll.
    2 successes unless Gerald's Composure is 6+; 3 if it is less then 3.

    Then, as the interrogation goes, she picks a moment to speak, "Ok, girls, let's give him a short break. There are the rules for treating prisoners, after all... Mr. Gerald, fancy a cup of tea? I'm afraid I can only offer you a bottled one, though..." she takes a couple of bottles of drik from her backpack and takes a sip, then says, tapping her nose with the backend of a pencil, "you know, these are some rather curious theories on the nature of existence you have... perhaps we could discuss those, in the meantime?"
    Manipulation + Subterfuge to trick him into thinking she knows more than she really does, and perhaps reveal something assuming she knows that already. 1 success.
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