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    "Well, not walk, but you're, you know, a Deathknight. I figured you probably got a ghost steed or something stylish of that sort" Drake smiles slightly, with a bob of his hat. "Besides, even if we don't have to detour to a Shadowland, the yard seems to be almost 400 miles away anyway, so the walk is long either way".

    At Wing's words, though, Drake raises an eyebrow, pleasantly surprised. He's a bit lacking in ideas on that front himself, so it's good to hear. "Oh? Nice. Alright, then, let's finish this war planning first, then let's get to that. If I'm going to risk likely death for a city I'd like it to not starve six months after, after all" he grins.


    Drake hesitates a second, on hearing the ruckus.

    "Uhhh... well, not exactly good or bad, but that's already an upgrade over months of only worsening news - but before that, sir, if you don't mind my asking - what the heck is happening back there?"
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