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I have seen this thrown around a lot, and I've got a question in regards to this.

My background: I'm an IT systems professional, so I realize I take things for granted that are absolutely incomprehensible for standard users.

That being said, what do you do for the 30 minutes to two hours? What do you have to do to get the games running?
Mostly googling for solutions that help me getting the game to run at more than 15 fps (Stalker, Skyrim), getting Rrid of "Out of Memory" error messages (Starcraft 2), enabling sound (Tie Fighter), restore missing textures (FreeSpace 2, Neverwinter Nights), reduce the massive surface glare that makes everything so bright an can't see the HUD after getting a new graphics card (Portal), solving fps jumping from 70 to 14 every couple of seconds (The Witcher), fixing broken fonts (Warcraft 3), playing a 4:3 game on a 16:10 screen withoutstretching (Warcraft 3, Baldur's Gate 2).
Stuff like that. Updating video drivers is always the first step, which means getting the correct driver for my card and installing it, which somehow often takes much longer than it should, but usually doesn't solve anything.
To stop Starcraft 2 from slowing down to a crawl after 5 minutes, I needed to download a couple of developer tools to get deep into the guts of WinXP and manually overwrite memory allocation. That one took me at least 8 hours spread over three days.
And I am done with that ****! I'm over with it and I don't care enough for PC exclusive games to put up with that anymore.