So, mostly old games on new hardware, apart from the notoriously broken ones, then?
I can get behind that,yeah, but it's hardly what mainstream PC gaming looks like.
And at least you CAN get those games running. Try that with old console games when you don't have the console in question anymore.

Same with the 4:3 / 16:9 problem. Try running PS2 games in FullHD. Won't happen.

STALKER was a bitch, yeah, and Bethesda have to my knowledge NEVER produced a game that was playable on release. I remember a bug when Oblivion came out ion the 360 where the textures didn't load and all you saw was wireframes. During the tutorial. The friend who bought it was cursing for over two hours on that one.

But (once again excluding the notoriously bad devs out there) current games on current hardware will generally work, on either PC or the consoles.

Kinda stumped on your SC2 errors there, though. Blizz is renowned for being almost bug free, last I heard, so that one surely sucks.