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    There waiting for them was Slorb who was as usual picking his nose and wiping his findings on his fancy dirty garb.

    "Youse almost wake late," He said in his nasally pitch voice. Next to him was a potato sack bag filled with stuff. "Chief Gutwad has his head hurting way to much. I tell him he ate too many cider apples and snake eggs. So I am here on his behalf. He wanted me to let you borrow some stuff for accomplishing some dares. It all in this sack for you lot, so you decide who what will get what."

    "Sparky and Skortch get selected presents for braving the bonfire, though I tell Chief Gutwad they cheat somehow with magics or something, he no listen, too much cider apples," Slorb sounded a little bitter and even scoffed.

    "Anyway, those two each get a *Dragon brew gourd, careful they stinky. This not have to be returned to Moot House like other stuff when you come back," He said as he grabbed the potato sack and dragged it closer to them.

    "You got questions, I maybe answer, or not."


    *Dragon brew gourd = Elixir of Firebreath

    Ring That Lets You Climb Real Good
    - a ring of climbing
    Helping Hand-Assisting Gloves
    Gorge of Gluttonsa +1 dogslicer that functions as a bane weapon when utilized against horses (improving to a +3 dogslicer that inflicts an additional 2d6 points of damage on a successful hit) This is Chief Gutwad's personal sword and he wants it back in one piece or heads will roll.
    Slippy Slide Maker Stick A Wand of Grease, caster level 2, 11 charges
    Pretty Red Flag Snatched From Dead Longshank Warrior- a red Knight's Pennon, for this instance though I will allow it to be mounted on a one handed bladed weapon.

    You can find the items in the d20pfsrd
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