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because Manapool systems run off the assumption that a PC is only as functionally wise as the Player holding the sheet.

Int thus determines Mana pool size, while Cha determines Regained/period.
That is not true in my system and I can see absolutely no reason why it should be. Wisdom is the statistic that represensts the soul and attunement with supernatural forces, so it determines mana pools. Intelligence represnts learning and reasoning, so it determines how many spells you can learn. Charisma is force of will, so it will apply to caster level checks and spellcraft checks (not stated above, in case you're wondering).

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you also cant just fix it with Manacost=Spell Level. Look back at TBC WoW, Paladins were the prefered healers because they had a heal several magnitudes more effective for it's manacost which also happened to cost less per point of healing then anything Priests and Shamans got. Druids were still healers because they had regeneration/rejuvination heal over time spells which Priests and Shamans didnt get.
That's what I was trying to get at with the attunement idea, having certain classes have an aptitude to certain kinds of magic.