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    Default Re: Holistic Warrior [3.5 Martial Adept][PEACH]

    I would have to go against Amercha's current set up. This class would actually get more maneuvers readied than a Swordsage while not paying any action to gain the next set on the list. Remember, at the very most only 3 maneuvers can be spent a round as counters and boosts run against eachother due to the actions they usually take up(swift vs. immediate). The only real drawback is they are the same ones but the Warblade has the same problem except this has more set up. I would say he should start with three and go to seven like the Warblade and reduce granted from one to three. I think we need to set up a role for this guy with other features before it gets the godsend recovery system.

    A couple of things in which this could be good at would be skirmishing and countering. It doesn't have a high hit die so it won't be a tank, which is fine the crusader can have it. It should have higher skills add knowledge, spot, and listen with at least 4. As I said before counters and boosts are mutually exclusive as well as starting new stances. However please put up what you had in mind before it needs some flavor.
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