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    Duskblade 3, for the Arcane Channel.
    Battledancer 1 for Cha to AC (Src option).
    Swashbuckler 3 for Int to damage (Wiz option)
    Monk 1 + Kung fu Genius (Wiz) or Ascetic Mage (Sorc) for various synergy.
    Warblade 3 for Iron Heart Surge, WRT, stances, Int to Reflex and Critical Confirmation.
    Crusader 3for similiar Maneuvers, Cha to Will, and Reroll a Save 1/day.
    Paladin 2 for Cha to Save.
    Totemist 2 (Incarnate is low BaB, the last one sucks) for Soulmelds lolololol!

    Comprehensive enough?

    Swordsage 2 for Assassin's Stance and access to Shadow Blade feat (Dex ADDED to damage)

    Take the Initiator classes later for better maneuvers and stances.

    Has anyone offered Swiftbalde yet? I think it's a better use for CL loss.
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