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    Quote Originally Posted by Cranthis View Post
    Try and put the benefits of that down overall, if you can, Snowbluff, I'm interested, but too busy to look up all of that.
    Yeah I think I can help you out.

    Duskblade 3, for the Arcane Channel. Full Base Attack Bonus, plus a few spell

    Battledancer (Dragon Magazine Compendium) 1 for Cha to AC while not wearing armor. Full BaB, Unarmed Damage bonus, but only 1 good save, reflex. Skill list is pretty good, though. See Monk.

    Swashbuckler (CW) 3 for Int to damage. Insightful Strike only works on Weapon Finesseable weapon, but stacks with your Str to damage. Full BaB, free Weapon Finesse, and +1 to reflex when in light armor.

    Monk 1 + Kung fu Genius (Int instead of Wis for Monk abilities, including AC) or Ascetic Mage (Cha to AC instead of Wis, Sorc and Monk stack for AC bonus, Arcane Strike-esgue ability). Since you don't use Armor or a Shield (You have spells for that), Int or Cha to AC is awesome.

    Warblade (ToB) 3 Full BaB, Int to Reflex at level 1, Int to critical comfirmation at level 3, Uncanny Dodge at level 2

    Crusader 3 (ToB) Full BaB.Cha to Will at , and Reroll a Save 1/day.

    Swordsage 2. Wis to AC, variant for Improved Unarmed Strike (Maybe use Ascetic Monk), +1 to initiative, and Weapon Focus bonus. It's Maneuvers Gives access to shadow blade feat (Adds Dex to damage for certain weapon
    These 3 get maneuvers, which are awesome. You count your other level as 1/2 a level in one of these for determining which maneuvers/stance you can choose. White Raven Tactics and Iron Heart Surge are both great, as is Sapphire Nightmare Strike.

    Paladin 2 for Cha to Save. Full BaB.

    Totemist 2 (Incarnate is low BaB, the last one sucks) for Soulmelds lolololol! You'll need an actual giude for this, but they are versatile.

    EDIT: Wow, I should write a Gish Handbook.
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