Nope; we can only give advice, and can't force you to do anything.

It's just that... I'll admit it.

The normal system for initiating maneuvers is kinda crap.

I have a base class that essentially gets whatever maneuvers they want (swapped out daily), and then go ahead and simply initiate them often. They can also bank up good rolls, and don't even roll d20s to attack (they, and they alone, go to the 3d6 method of dice rolling). They're still Tier 3, even though they can get serious dice shenanigans going. Their pretty much the closest thing I've seen to a point-based initiator.

To tell the truth, I've never actually made a base class that uses the normal scheme for maneuver use.

I'm just going to say that, while maneuvers are fun, they alone don't make a class. You'll need a bit more (seriously, the class features don't have to be anything major; you could have a Bardic Knowledge-type thingy that is based around knowing about martial styles and such.)