Richard enters the room, he's still mesmorized by the beautiful woman who is leading him in. After he sits down and watches her leave does he notice there are others in the room already. The first two introduce themselves. Richard sizes them up out of habbit. He eats as he listens. His table manners are a little lacking which draws some attention. "Oh.. Mph.. Mmm am Ricard Scheeelhndd" He says with a mouthful before swallowing what's in his mouth. Clearing his throat he repeat, loudly for all to hear,"I am Richard Sheildhand, champion gladiator from the arena's of Thunder Shell. Mmmm this food is good." he takes another bite, be for saying more seriously..."I come looking for power. My letter said to come here for it. If there is to be a tournament, I warn you all it is not my first by far."