"Champions, warriors, please calm yourselves. I have no interest in seeing you fight each other, as I and several others would likely get destroyed just in the crossfire. We all have our reasons to be here-- it seems we were all summoned, and offered payments worth our while. I doubt our employer would have called for such great warriors just to have them fight each other and destroy the town in the process. I certainly don't want to lose my payment, and I doubt you would either."

As charmingly as possible, Josep gesticulates and casts a Silented Silent Image, and projects a hologram onto the table. Powerful warriors, each receiving letters from a silhouetted figure.

"We shouldn't be fighting each other. The only reason we'd all be contacted--"

Arrows from the warriors pass to the figure, then upwards towards another silhouetted figure, this time with a target over it

"Would be to fight an external enemy. Let is lay aside our grievances for now and at least hear our mystery benefactor out."

He smiles and the image projects a downpouring of coins.

"After all, that's how we'll get what we want."