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    Default Re: Things I May No Longer Do While Playing IV: The Decanter of Endless Bad Ideas

    *If my character is describes as a "rogue and peasant slave," it is assumed not to be literal.
    *It is assumed I am going to shoot my guns, not clobber people with them.
    *i am allowed to fill a cannon with grapeshot. I am NOT to do so with the idea of firing at blank-point range.
    ** Not to make a shotgun out of two cannons tied together with duct tape.
    *not to scream out "FORE!" whenever i kill someone with my great club.
    **the same goes for "Hit him for six" or "outta the park!"

    *Cannot stuff my pants full of alchemist's fire/delayed blast fireball/ACME dynamite before stuffing myself into a monster's mouth.
    *Likewise, with spiked armour/hooked cloak/+5 full plate of vicious vivisection.
    *Their is not enough CMB in the world you let you tie the tarrasque appendix into a knot while you are still inside of it.
    * It's questionable weather or not using presdigination to taste like a frogemoth's pimpled butt cheeks is enough to stop a monster from eating you.
    *..Come to think of it, how do you know what that tastes li- don't tell me I don't wanna know.
    *Cannot use sneak attacks inside a monster, even if +I+ would be very surprised if my dinner started stabbing me.
    * Not to be swallowed whole by a creature in order to get around it's A.C
    * Cannot detonate the creature's esophagus by shoving a base into it's stomach acid and waiting.
    *Likewise with vials of poison.
    * If you keep this trickery, you're going to have to fight the tapeworms inside the dragon if you're swallowed by it.
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