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Thread: Deathwalker (3.5 base class)

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    Constant Reserve:
    The Deathwalker may maintain a pool of up to 20 points of mana that does not expire until a month has passed. This feat may be taken multiple times and stacks with itself.

    Powerful Build:
    Prerequisite: Deathwalker 6
    A Deathwalker may use some of the mana he has stored up into permanently altering his body. A Deathwalker who takes this feat may channel 40 points of mana to permanently grant himself the Powerful Build feat, gaining 6" in height, and proportionately in width and weight. This feat may only be taken once.

    Possible changes:
    -Reduce requirements for ability point increases
    -Alter so that the Deathwalker gets credit for the top 2 ability scores of enemies slain
    -Need to come up with an expected "ability points per level" figure so that it's more feasible to start a Deathwalker as a level 5+ character without putting it behind the curve.
    -Cleave and Great Cleave as bonus feats might fit in well.
    -Add some type of "Deathblow" ability at mid-levels that does significantly greater damage and/or has a better crit range. Otherwise, kill-stealing could be an issue both for effectiveness and for controversy within the party.
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