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That's exactly what I was talking about (should have quoted it). I'm not against tiers, I'm against the notion the T6 entry in the ToS tiers enforces.

And that is not what the T6 entry says. It's an absolute statement - "choosing feats for flavor reasons makes you weak". If your concept is master of Scorching Rat so you take Arcane Thesis (scorching ray), according to that lovely ToS tier, you're doing it wrong.
The point being made there is quite clear - your options should be guided by what is mechanically more powerful, not what fits your character more.
In fairness, those tiers are for measuring builds for the test of spite contest. A PvP contest centered around optimizing for the most powerful build you can make. In that context, flavor based choices miss the point of the contest, and are in fact doing it wrong.

I agree with you in the more general sense though. There's absolutely no reason a person shouldn't build a character with flavor ahead of mechanics if that's their thing.