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No, it's not. In any 3.5 arena, if you only care for power and power alone, there is only one possible build and we know which build that is. By it's own definition, all builds end up at tier 6, since not going for that one build is (guess what?) a flavor decision.
Untrue, mostly because of how Test of Spite works. Here, lemme dig up a link for you so you can read it.

Here it is!.

Remember when I said it was designed to 'beat out' the flaws? Part of that was the creation of the ToS banlist (eventually, ToS was abandoned in favor of creating Legend, and the banlist remains unfinished as a result) that winnowed away build options as unacceptable combinations were discovered, thus creating an environment where more than one build is possible for non-flavor reasons, and also to the creation of niche builds such as ShneekeyTheLost's samurai.