As headcases countdown begins, the forest grows increasingly tense. With the strangers ominous response, a sense of impending conflict washes over you. Time slows, as you await for the outcome of Headcase's ultimatum. That is, right up until Headcase says "one." At that point, chaos ensues, and everything seems to happen at once.

Terra is the first to react. Sensing the danger of the situation, she swiftly grabs a concussion grenade out of her utility belt and tosses it towards the stranger, and though he is nimble, he is still rocked by the explosion of the grenade. [Stranger takes 11 damage.]

The loud burst seems to set everything in motion, as suddenly, two brutish looking men pop out from behind the tree and fire upon the group. Blaster bolts sail past both Headcase and Terra, threateningly close to striking hits.

Laikir reacts instantly to this, and moves to take cover between trees before shooting at the men who had just appeared from behind a tree. His aim is true, and one of the men suffers a blaster bolt to the shoulder. [11 damage to thug 7.]

A split second later, Naga-Tee raises her blaster and fires at the stranger who seems to be the head of these thugs, but the bolts sail harmlessly off to his side.

Suddenly, another bandit appears from behind a tree. He charges up to a low bush near the stranger, and kneels before firing his pistol at headcase. His aim is also off, and his shots sail overhead.

Now the stranger reacts: He lets off a shot at headcase just before the count reaches 1, and then dives behind a brush, completely hidden. [headcase takes 10 damage. don't know if you have any DR from armor or anything, so didn't calculate that in.]

Another two pistol-wielding men appear from behind trees at this point, and take hasty shots at the team, while rushing to flank you to the south. The first shot fall short, hitting the dirt at 'Cai's feet, but the second thug's shot is lucky, striking Terra in the side. [Terra takes 12 damage.]

'Cai bursts into action as soon as the shot is fired at him, and drops to the ground instantly, turning to fire back at his attacker. His shot is perfect, and the thug falls to the ground shot between the eyes. [thug 1 takes 38 damage.]

Two more thugs run by to the north of you, and they take cover, one behind a womp rat carcass, the other beside a tree, as they aim down the barrels of their pistols towards the group.

Mar sees this, and moves to counteract the two thugs to the north. He steps to behind a bush, and then fires on the attackers behind the womp rat carcass. However, his shot hits the carcass carmlessly with a soft thump.

Finally, Headcase emits the word "one." He shoots as the stranger leaps behind cover, but the stranger is too quick, and the shot misses.

[The last thug rolled a nat. 1, and is still standing behind a tree picking his nose.]