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How? Saying those very words implies that there is a correct way to play the game and they're -not- playing it correctly. If they're enjoying it, who are you or anyone else to tell them that they aren't enjoying it to the fullest?
No, saying those words doesn't imply that there's a correct way to play. It does imply that there's more than one way to play, and that deliberately rejecting a method of play and keeping oneself ignorant about that method of playing means you're not experiencing the whole game. If optimization isn't for you, or if your group's optimization levels are so low/wildly differing that the tier system isn't relevant, then fine, that's great. But denying that it's a thing at all and deliberately failing to learn about it? That's cutting off a whole new kind of fun you could be having, but aren't.

'New' fun isn't necessarily 'better' fun, but it's certainly still fun.