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    Head Case turns his blaster on the man who attacked Terra, completely ignoring his own damage. As always, he remains in place, locking down the hydraulics to reduce the kick from the multiple shots...

    30 HP left...

    2 swift actions to brace.
    Attack: (1d20+4)[10] + 6 = 16
    Damage: (5d10)[40]
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    [00:37] <@Ryo-Wolf> Naki: "Yay, I built this awesome encounter that is awesome and cool and is gonna be so challenging and fun and-" Odentin: "I drop all my dailies in its face." Naki: "And its already over, ****."
    [00:38] <@Naki> He does it EVERY TIME.
    [00:38] <@Naki> EVERY. GODDAMN. TIME.
    [00:38] <@Odentin> Only twice....
    [00:38] <@Naki> Which has been every time!