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    A twinkle appears in the young former guard's eyes.
    "Ah but you yourself make the assumption my comment was due to an offense taken due to seeming to be taken out of the two unspecified, which would in actuality prove my lack of self-worth in that I would immediately believe I was not one of the two worthy of talking.
    I was merely stating the fact that talking itself is not something that measures a person's worth, no matter their length of wind.
    Saying I know that you know that I know that you know does not in fact mean anything beyond the superflous and your entire speech was given simply to confuse and confound those that have limited mental capacity forgetting that strong body does not mean weak mind or in fact anything at all to do with the mind and making the assumption I would not know or care what you said, or indeed you did believe that I would think you would make that assumption and thus make a similar long-winded speech as a method of checking my mental fortitude in such things.
    I also specified a Person's worth so measuring a song' worth the same was one would measure a person is folly of the highest order for they are completely different forms and different checks to discover their worth. Would you measure a poem by it's word count the same way one would an Epic novel? Or perhaps use the tempo one recites their vocabulary in to decide whether they are well-learned or simply a miscreant. Neither are checks that can be applied so why would one think that being Human or indeed Alive in the more broader sense make any and all worths compatible and even if it is, why would that then stop converting into Human-Worth then back into a 3rd sense of worth normally incompatible with the original?"

    Pelak finishes his own speech, not needing to gasp for air, having taken enough time to breath not to need it.

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