Ok I know it sounds very silly but when i was a little kid i had two nemesis that haunted my dreams: E.T. the extraterrestrial, and Pinocchio.

E.T: i remember i was scared by the glowing finger

Pinocchio: not the novel in itself, but the specifical tv show that aired in Italy in the late seventies. I was terrified by the wooden puppet, especially when he moved and stared at the camera with his empty eyes. This is a footage of the evil puppet. And this is the tv show (in particular the scene at 04:44 when he burns his feet).
Silly kid

Now i'm not particularly scared, because as an adult i can rationalize deep fears and life taught me by experience that weird things don't happen (as a child you have to build this awareness). If I loose my control i find that i am disturbed by puppets (but i like very much stop motion films), mirrors (because they unnaturally show what's behind you), strange and unnatural movements (like samara, and the vhs footage in the ring). They somehow set my alarm to "hey something weird is happening, run for your life" level.