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People often discount literature in terms of horror value, but some books can really get to me in a way that film and video games have not yet. Short stories like I have No Mouth and I Must Scream are absolutely incredible at delivering short bursts of creepiness, as are a number of Neil Gaiman's short stories. In addition one I found to be kind of horrific and definitely very strange is The House of Leaves, which has inspired so many story ideas of mine.
Yeah, I think short stories (including short films, and episodic TV shows, for example) are my horror medium of choice. They have to be dense, punchy, and to the point, and are generally obliged to remain ambiguous and unexplained. They also have more room to be truly bizarre, because it's not long enough to have to make sense. I suppose that's why I really enjoy a lot of good (and Hell, even a lot of the mediocre) creepypasta, as well as a lot of Stephen King short story collections, and other horror compilations - I particularly recommend, especially for anyone interested in both horror and sci-fi, the short story anthology World Zero Minus. It has some of my favourite stories, of any kind.
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The Enigma of Amigara Fault. Awesome story. Ito's "Uzumaki" is also worth a read.
Yesss, I LOVED The Enigma of Amigara Fault and Uzumaki. I was slightly disappointed with the ending of Uzumaki, but I really enjoyed the live-action movie adaptation of it (although I saw the movie before I read the manga, so I may feel differently about it now). If anyone can point me in the direction of similar works, I'd be obliged.

I am, basically, a complete wuss. I jump at nothing, I get squeamish at the slightest bit of gore, and I have to make a trail of turned-on lights on my way to bed or I start creeping myself out. But I can't actually think of that many movies or books that really scared me. Maybe Jaws and Jurassic Park when I was really little, and what little I watched of Cube certainly got to me. I saw The Woman in White (I think it was called...) a few months ago after having it hyped as being incredibly scary, and I came out... slightly disappointed at how not-scared I was (the biggest jump was spoiled by the trailer, which is very annoying).
It used to be that zombies was a guaranteed way to freak me out. Buuuut I guess it's so overused nowadays, that it just doesn't do it - although seeing someone having their guts clawed out does get to me still.
All of this, mind you, doesn't mean I don't really enjoy scary movies and stories, still. I love monster movies, atmospheric and psychological horror, and J/K-horror - and, as I mentioned, horror short stories.

For monster movies, I particularly like... the Alien and Predator franchises, obviously (all of them, except the AvP ones, which were deeply disappointing), The Birds (does that count as a monster movie?), The Host, and Cloverfield. Has anyone watched the prequel/remake of The Thing? I'm curious to see what it's like.
I can't think of many atmospheric/psychological horror movies at the moment... Mostly classics like Cape Fear, and slightly odd ones like One Hour Photo.
A friend and I went on a big J/K-horror kick for a while. Ringu, Tale of Two Sisters, Dark Water, The Eye, The Call... I love all of them. The Call is particularly silly (a girl decapitates herself with her own arm!). I caught the second half of a prequel to Ringu, which I found deeply disturbing - not for the supernatural aspects, but for the human ones. I think, if I watched it properly from the start, that might be enough to properly scare me. But anyway, of that particular genre, I particularly recommend Hansel and Gretel. It was a very weird, "who's the real monster?!" sort of a movie.
Doesn't really fit into any particular category, but one movie I'd particularly like to recommend (especially with Halloween coming up) is Trick'R'Treat. It's sort of 4 or so semi-interlocking Halloweeney stories, each of a different kind. It's pretty funny, quite weird, and very dark. Worth checking out.

Aaaaaand now I wanna watch some horror, but I'm all alone in an empty house so it's probably really not a good idea :I