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A mural sounds great as well. Just as a suggestion, perhaps it might be of the owners of the Bukiya Inn (Non and Myst) and their close friends? (Clive, Drallic, and Jonathan)
If it is to be a mural, I want to show the time of 3 years, to participate of OOTS and characters. So, probably Non and Myst can appear, but to draw all of the characters of all of the games is too much for me.

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It's okay if you don't post new art too often. It's not your job after all, just a hobby, and we all know how bad your life often treats you. Hope it gets better!
Thank you Tengu_temp!

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Why not do both?
I want to, but it is forbidden to write more than 50 pages, so I am afraid to do both, to take too much space. If thread became locked of such an incident, it would be terrible.