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    Most of my reason to believe it is Argough comes from what I witnessed in the recent border incursion between Fort Nebo and Bushton. It wasn't the Red Valleys idea to cross your borders. Mercenary agents were behind it and while I can't prove he hired them I know he did. I know that those same agents are involved in a plot against the princes life. I can't say how. I do have an associate that may have the proof you need.Let me contact him and see what he has. I realize that what I have said I say constitutes serious allegations. I am prepared to get all the proof you need to take appropriate action, when the time is right.

    Jaster will also start looking around for 5,000 gp worth of diamonds, or gold to get Smirnoff a nice Raise Dead spell after the job is done. The job was to make the prince dead and not say a word about red Raven, not to make him stay dead.