Interesting. Drake's a tad squicked by the whole discipline, in the same way he'd always been a tad squicked about parasitology, but if it avails such ability to move in and out of his targets' Realm perhaps he should see if one of the few necromancers in the Bureau would be wiling to teach him. "So, I'm guessing we go to the Creation equivalent area of where the yard is in the Underworld and then we use Necromancy to get to the other side?"


"...I see. Well, after I last reported, we had two encounters with old acquaintances. The first was simply interesting. The second, you really have to know.

The first was with the Infernal, Laurel - or some of her clones, at least. Since she seems to have taken a liking to the Lunar in our party, he could speak with her for a while. Apparently - if she's saying the truth, of which I'm not entirely sure - whatever plans Team Yozi has for Gem also go against those of Team Lion, and she's been working against him as well. And she namedropped something interesting. "Saigoth Gates".
" Drake makes a pause so that sinks in.

"Her theory is that, from extrapolating a few things according to the position of the Gates of Final Rest and such, there's a pretty good chance that the Saigoth Gates, whatever they are, are right around Gem. And that the "gate" the Lion is searching for is the very same. He got a map from her, I can send you a copy through box soon as you're back in Yu-Shan. Thing is, I know ****-all about what these Saigoth Gates are. Ring a bell for you, sir?"