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Carbohydrates (the macronutrient most plants provide) surely have a place in the food chain (carb reloading sounds like an interesting resource), but I don't buy it that they're that good... Suffice to say that while humans can live ok without eating plants (though that'll result in the need for the consumption of other animals' organs), they don't do good without essential amino acids or essential fatty acids.
Carbohydrates probably aren't the best choice for food from a health standpoint. We evolved as hunter/gatherers after all, not as farmers. But they are by far the best choice for food from an efficiency standpoint. Farming staple crops, such as rice, wheat, etc., feeds the most people with the fewest amount of resources. Our hunter/gatherer ancestors were probably more healthy, on average, than the peoples of the Middle Ages, but there were lots more people in the Middle Ages.