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I think that something that has been only glanced-over that would do a lot more to help with the problem that livestock poses than going to a vegan diet... is that which Asta linked to.

There are many species that are invasive and are doing untold damage to the environment. Let's eat them. I'm sure someone wrote a book about it, even. Eating invasive species would solve the problems they're causing, as well as reduce our dependency on livestock. I even heard that pigeons (which are a VERY invasive species) are also edible. It could replace chicken. I don't think a vegan diet is the solution. As far as I know, vegan diets require the use of supplements. Any diet that requires the use of supplements doesn't strike me as a good idea.
mmh pidgeons are edible..I've had it.. but I wouldn't want to touch one of the creatures that slum around in town..they're visibly in a terrible state.
likewise, mice and rats must be edible.. the trouble I see with that..as with every other "invasive species" is however that the ones that are edible are the ones that have been bred/monitored/checked upon medically.
not the ones that are doing the invading. yes, we can eat wild boar and even foxes, deer or other invasive creatures that harm our crops.. in fact we already do.
trouble is that they need to be hunted instead of farmed..which rises the costs and poses new moral conundrums.
when wild boar are hunted in Italy this is either following an effort in repopulation for the purpose of hunting (make of it what you will, I'm against hunting as a principle but love wild boar meat), or because they've bred in such numbers that they've become a pest, which happens every so many years..either way, it's not a viable sourcing manner, unless you're prepared to pay quite a bit more for your meat than you do now.

The only alternative would be to breed them..which both doesn't solve the "let's not bread cattle because it causes broblems" and the "let's get rid of the offending species" issues..
Same goes for the aforementioned pidgeons, rat and mice.. no store would ever be allowed, by law, to sell animals that had not been declared of good health..which can only be done (in big numbers, that is, which is what we need) by breeding and cattle-farming.
you can't catch them all, despite what Ash Ketchum thinks.. and if you don't you have a risk of cross-contamination, especially so with birds..
you don't solve the invasive nature of the problem (because the free ones will breed like..well... mice)..
and you will still end up with mass breeding of cattle, only cattle of smaller size.

just a figure: I have it on good authority (a very knowledgeable exterminator who helps authorities with surveys and figures and such) that there are 7-8 mice for every single human being, scurrying around on the planet...and the figure is growing.
in fact 10 years ago it was 4 for each of us, and 10 years furthe back it was a balanced 1 on 1.
no, this wasn't propaganda on his side..because I'm kind of in the same business line and he didn't need to sell me anything.

the poetic justice of eating what is vermin/invasive to you sounds good..and I bet that with the appropriate recipes it's even doable from a culinary point of view..but it wouldn't solve anyone's problem