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I'm working on the world first and worry about adapting specific game systems to it later. Though I don't think there's actually that much that would need adapting. Character races, equipment lists, and some new monsters should be covering almost everything. The only really setting unique things that come to my mind are mechanics for demonic corruption and a kind of blood magic, which I havn't really developed yet.
Um really I'd warn you on this. I thought the same thing at the beginning of the other two threads but you have a way of making things grow. If something is not quite right you seem to have put it in a "homebrew that" box that eventually threatens the project with its size, complexity, etc. Its not that you have to work the mechanics out now but by having a framework in mind you don't want to create something that later becomes very difficult to deliver on when the time for mechanics rolls around. If you want to have multiple game systems adapted to this world (Like Iron Kingdoms for example) that's fine but I still think you be getting an outline now.