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The prequel, which came out around a year ago, was also surprisingly good. Certainly not as good as the first, but that would be all but impossible. Despite the high expectations set forth, it still did pretty well. Honestly, the creature was even creepier in the first, having the most grotesque and disturbing scenes of body horror in any movie ever. Definitely worth seeing.
I respectfully disagree. I will first state I went into the film expecting not to like it so that may have colored my opinions slightly, but everyone (10+ people) who was watching it with me dislike it as well. It did a weird thing where is was somewhere between a remake and a prequel. It had a lot of the same set-pieces from the original, but was set in the Norwegian camp, though everyone spoke English making kind of a plot-hole for the original.

The creature was essentially a Necromorph from the Dead Space games. Large, lumbering, and overly reliant on jump scares. It was also made with CGI which just didn't look great, in fact in my opinion it looked worse than the original. There was also a female protagonist who really should have died but didn't because she was a protagonist, the film was obvious about this. Essentially she was cornered in a room with it and she managed to run away, that scene said everything I needed to know about the film.

The whole thing was just unnecessary and added nothing to the original. Of course the original was based on The Thing from Outer Space, so it proved that a remake can be good, it can add and expand on the original but the recent one really did not, and was just more evidence against modern remakes.