Everyone, thank you so much for your suggestions and info.

I come with another question. I didn't start doing any research on it until a couple hours ago instead of doing it on Monday, which was... not very smart on my part. So I only have until tomorrow morning to decide.

I found someone willing to sell me a PS3. I also have noted the cheapest PS3 in my location Walmart. These are the options:

USED (this description is in the words of the classmates doing the selling)
Basically new because all we used it for was an occasional movie/ game play.

Playstation 3
2 OEM PS3 controllers
OEM Bluetooth remote
Power cable
Controller dock that charges 4 OEM PS3 Controllers

Major League Baseball 2k8
Little Big Planet 2
Formula 1 Champion edition
Battlefield Bad Company
NBA live 10.
250GB PS3
1 Wireless Controller
All associated cables (Controller, AV, Power)
Uncharted 3
Some DLC voucher for something called "Dusk"
Free 30 day PS+ trial
(And of course, warranty stuff from buying new, with the possibility of getting an extended warranty for extra money if I feel like it)
These are some concerns:
0) It is my understanding that OEM means "not Sony brand", is this correct?
1) Are the OEM controllers as good as the Sony ones?
2) Can the controllers be charged via plugging like the Sony ones, or only via sitting on the docking station?
3) Is having a warranty (the automatic one or an extended one) actually important?
4) Will I be able to make money off of selling Uncharted 3? If yes on this one, then it will be more than the other games combined in great likelihood.
5) Is having two controllers from the get-go really that important, especially since I mostly play one player, and can I make enough money from Uncharted 3 to justify buying a second Sony controller (which, the single blue one which was on sale at Walmart cost 45 as opposed to the red ones, which cost 55)?

While originally I was going to buy the used system, right now I'm leaning toward just getting new. Thoughts?