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Why are most of the geeks I meet online nice, while most of the real ones I've met in real life are really mean? It's just puzzling me and getting me down.
Well, I know part of it is that I'm able to get away from my natural first gut reaction to snark and try to get into verbal sparring matches to a certain extent by taking the meat a bit out of the equation. Doesn't always work, but it's a bit of emotional distance.

Plus I'm a horrible reprehensible human being in general, but if I like you then I'll want to be nice to you unless I feel you need some tough love and exhortation. And most of GITP is semi-vetted by that due to the community... not candor... eh ...je ne sais quoi.

I've kind of run into a similar issue where just knowing people who are geeky, they're OK, and the geeks I run into in places I want to be online, they're pretty cool, generally, but the social organizations and groups based upon a common interest are sort of... wonky and very hit or miss.

Though I'll admit that I've never actually managed to go to a con through one thing or another. x.x