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Thread: [3.5] few questions regarding ninja....

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    Default [3.5] few questions regarding ninja....

    TOB, Psionics, and incarnum are a no. Homebrew method of ability scores. drag mags are okay. Not other 3rd party material unless they have it like maybe book of erotic fantasy.

    I don't often get to game with friends, leaving me time to try and build character concepts and different builds I might like. Also, trying to keep some characters semi-simple ( like ninja 2 / monk 18 ) versus 18 stacked prestige classes and having more to have to keep track of. One of them happens to make use of ninja for atleast a couple of levels.

    First of Expanded ki pool feat. How much would it be worth to put this on an item?

    Owl's insight. spell level 5. Druid min level of 9 to cast. if I wanted to put it on say a necklace and make it continuous, would it 90k? Provided I am understanding the creating magic item rules right.

    What kind of equipment is good for a ninja? 2 cases as presented. Case 1 being a weapon ( like reach weapon ). Case 2 being unarmed strike. This is likely making use of the ghost step class feature. Like say, besides enhancement and inherent bonus, any way to shoot up wisdom for more ki uses?
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