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    Round 2:

    Terra rus towards cover as she fires a few shots from her holdout blaster, however, the pain in her side due to the sudden movement caused her to stumble, and her shot misses wide.

    Meanwhile, the two thugs to the northeast continue to charge forward while firing, and two accurate blasts from their pistols strike Mar and 'Cai with smoldering wounds. [Thug 7 deals 11 dmg to Mar, Thug 8 deals 9 dmg to 'Cai.]

    Laikir stays on his toes, and steps out from the cover of nearby trees to loose a shot at one of the thugs. His aim is true, and a bandit reels from the impact of his shot. [12 dmg to thug 6.]

    Naga-Tee sticks to her cover sheltering her from both sides and continues to fire upon the attackers, but with her focus more on defense, her aim is off, and her shot sails harmlessly by the thugs into the forest.

    A thug east of you strafes towards the stranger, while losing a shot at the crew. The bolt hits Headcase square in the torso, but doesn't appear to deal particularly threatening damage [8 dmg to headcase.]

    Suddenly, the stranger pops up from behind the bushes where he disappeared a moment ago. "Get 'em Boys! We'll teach these off worlders not to mess with us!" he shouts, as he takes aim at the retreating Ithorian and fires an exceptionally accurate shot. [17 dmg to Naga-Tee.]

    Upon this call from the leader, the thug who had just been shot by Laikir, seemingly reinvigorated, redoubled his efforts, and charged again towards you all, firing from his blaster pistol at the terrifying war droid before him. However, Headcase's programming allowed him to nimbly avoid the shot.

    A split second later, the already injured thug falls to the ground with a second blaster wound, a second lethal shot delivered by 'Cai in the confrontation. "You guys should feel free to back off any time!" he shouts over the din of the battle. [ 'Cai kills thug 6.]

    As if in response, two thugs to the north continue rushing west, attempting to further surround the crew. One of the thugs stops, and takes a shot at the lumbering Yuzzem perilously close in front of him. With such a large target, he could hardly miss, and the blaster bolt drives square into Mar's thigh. [Mar takes 11 damage.]

    Mar roars in frustration and pain as he is blasted from two sides. However, his military training is formidable, and he shakes off his agony, targeting the thug who shot at him first. His trustly slugthrower doesn't pack quite the same punch as these blaster pistols, but he still manages to send the thug reeling with a bullet in the shoulder. Already previously wounded by Laikir, the thug takes one more step before falling to the ground unconscious. [6 damage to thug 7.]

    Headcase focuses in on the thug who had injured Terra, and confirms that he is not moving, before spinning counterclockwise to locate the next hostile target. Locking in on a thug standing behind a bush, Headcase riddles the area with blaster bolts, dropping the thug where he stands. [20 damage to thug 5.]

    Another thug, who apparently had been a bit slow on the uptake, jumps out from behind a tree to the south, looking confused. He fires upon the crew after charging forward towards one of his fallen alllies, but his shot flies harmlessly overhead. [thug 2 misses.]
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