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    Default Getting Meta with Divine and Devotion Feats

    So, I was looking at a couple of the Devotion Feats my OA Shaman is going to be using and the Metabreath Feats for my DFA (If he takes Power Surge) and it struck me when I passed over Recover Breath.

    What about a feat that makes feats that can be fueled by Turn Undead more efficient!

    So, without further ado:


    Your ability to channel energy to fuel special powers and blessings flows as easily as breathing sweet air.

    Turn Undead, Extra Turning, Knowledge (Religion) 15 Ranks, and either two Divine Feats or two Domain Feats

    Upon taking this feat, select whether it applies to Domain Feats or Divine Feats. The cost to convert daily uses of Turn Undead into daily uses of Divine or Domain feats is reduced by one. If this would reduce the cost to 0, the feat may be used without limit as long as you have at least 1 daily use of Turn Undead remaining. For example, Jozan possesses the Feats Magic Devotion and Healing Devotion. Upon taking this feat, Magic Devotion would have 1 free use per day plus Jozan could convert 1 daily use of his Turn Undead ability (reduced from 2) to fire an extra Magic bolt. Meanwhile, as long as Jozan does not expend his entire daily allotment of Turn Undead on destroying the dead risen or projecting magic bolts, he and his party may benefit from his Healing Devotion (as it has been reduced from 1 to 0)

    This feat may be taken multiple times, each time reducing the conversion rate of either Divine or Domain feats by 1. If a feat's conversion rate has already been reduced to 0, then it is not affected by subsequent applications of this feat.

    Too strong? Just right? Are there enough Prereqs?
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