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It depends on how many encounters you're in between levels... I don't have a good way to judge that. At level 2-3, 20 black bears will net you +1 to STR by themselves (STR 19)... 40 wolves will get you +1 to DEX or CON. If most of the XP is coming from combat rather than from quest completion I think it might work out reasonably well, if the Deathwalker can keep his share of kills up.
True. Pretty much all the Exp I get in my campaigns are from combat, with a small bit of roleplay Exp. However for some reason our encounters always last 2 centuries (I admit, sometimes my fault). We usually have increased Exp gains because of this.

In recent campaigns we usually abandoned EXP and were just 'granted' a level at certain points, usually after a 2-4 sessions, depending on the encounters, so it would need some adaptations in those type of campaigns, but that is up to the DM of course. Maybe add a small note to it, saying they are just 'guidelines' for 'regular' campaigns.

Peasants are probably level 1 commoners with a basic stat array. If stats are randomly distributed, maybe 30% of them have 12 STR. A Deathwalker would need to personally kill upwards of 240 peasants to gain +1 to strength... If someone does that they will have an entire kingdom's military chasing them down just as fast as a dragon that was destroying villages would.
When Cheat Death becomes an option, an Evil Deathwalker could wipe out a village of 400 singlehandedly to reduce his age by a year. At that point, you're either running an evil campaign or he's the new BBEG.
With great power, comes great responsability .

His physical age gets reduced by 1 year - his mental age is the same - so mentally he's still middle aged and doesn't get the mental bonuses again until he goes from middle aged to old.
*Brain fart* Now it suddenly makes a lot more sense . Still some will likely read it the way I did in the previous post. But again, that is up to the DM if he would 'allow' it.