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    Default Re: What would you expect in a new dnd cartoon?

    One thing about having people who are PCs and technically separate individuals who have different experiences is that it was done in The Guardians of the Flame series by Joel Rosenberg very very well. The main characters for the first half of the series are from a world near analogous to our own who are playing a D&D like game and transferred to the world of the game by a GM who is using them as pawns in his own machinations within that world (an ancient merlin-like wizard who was banished from the world in a magical battle) with no way to easily return (there is technically a bridge between the two worlds but it is guarded by a dragon of extreme strength). The first book deals with the dichotomy between the person they are and the person they were with most of them choosing to only draw upon the character's skills rather than immersing themselves in the character (one person experiences a crisis of personalities and dies trying to rob another person in the first book, another pretty much sheds his old life in favor of the character he is now.)

    Exploring this kind of dichotomy would be interesting and certainly provide some level of drama since we have people using powers and drawing upon experiences they have never had, or at least experiences they don't accept as "real"
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