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He also said engineers are well known for their high Charisma, which makes me wonder which planet he comes from.
no, I said that engineers had more practical knowledge while phisicists had more theoretical knowledge, I said this was similar, not the same thing to int and cha. I understand that its not a perfect comparison but no comparison between real world and fantasy will be perfect. the point I was driving at was that a sorceror is better able to apply magic to any given situation while a wizard is more able to understand exactly what is happening but will have more difficulty applying this knowlege.

(though I could claim that I live in a world where as an engineer I have to coordinate the actions of over a hundred people of varying levels of skill, from several different branches of engineering, in order to first design, then construct, then impliment the various projects I am a part of, a job that in addition to drawing upon my knowledge of engineering requires me to be able to get people to follow my orders when necesary, and work together at all times, things that one might use a cha stat for in D&D)

I said this was similar to the PhysicistvsEngineer scenario, a physicist will have a better understanding than I do of why the electrons do what they do in a radio for example, but I would do a better job actually designing and building said radio.