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    This will be updated later on as things get revealed.


    Name: Unknown.

    Sex: Unknown, but probably not.

    Gender: Female, as far as anyone can tell.

    Species: Unknown; could be concealing wings under her(?) cloak, a horn under her(?) hood, or both.

    Appearance: A pony in a dark outfit with a hooded cloak. What little can be seen of her(?) coat is dark blue, and her(?) tail is red and blue. On her(?) vest is a pentagram symbol, although the meaning of it is unknown.

    Cutie Mark: Unknown.

    Personality: Dark and secretive. She(?) seems to have some kind of plan for the Wasteland, but only time will tell what it is.

    Abilities: Unknown.

    History: Her(?) origins are unknown. What is known is that she(?) travels from place to place, hiring mercenaries to do strange tasks. She(?) is rather hard to track due to moving around a lot.

    Associations: None known.

    Allegiance: Probably independent.

    Power Rating: Unknown, but suspected to be at least 4/7 if not even higher.

    Ultimate Goal: Unknown, but seems sinister.

    If Encountered: Exercise great caution. No one knows exactly what she(?) is up to, but it's not likely to be anything good.
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