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Thread: Why do wizards hate sorcerers?

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    It comes to me now that it would make more sense the opposite: for sorcerers to be dismissive of wizards. They cast spells istinctively, while wizards need years of studies to do the same. from the sorcerors point of view, wizards must look like retarded who need years to figure out what's obvious to them. Plus, they can learn and memorize all the tricks but they don't really understand magic. they even need their books to cast spells, and are incapable of high magic without them.

    I say this because am an acccomplished chessplayer who never studied any book, and I often felt like that towards players who studied a lot and were still weaker than me; there is a close similarity betweeen the two situations. Xykon apparently feels so, given his speech to dorukan. I know it's not pretty, but it's a natural feeling. my friends, who also were not he studious kind, felt the same. if you are talented it feels easy for you, and you don't understand how other people have so much troubles understanding it.
    Plus, there's the fact that people who studied tend to know by memory all the openings, so they will always play the best moves at he beginning of the game, but then they will squander their advantage because they don't know what to do. In fact, if you play a wrong move, they often don''t know the proper answer to it and can't find it on the chessboard, with the paradoxal result that against such players it can be convenient to intentionally play bad moves. From my point of view that is not understanding the game at all. Sorcerors probably feel the same towards wizards.
    From the point of view of a studious player, on the other hand, I probably don't understand chess because I often have no idea if a certain endgame can be won or not, and base my choice only on previous experience of similar positions, possibly biased by my mistakes or by those of the opponent. That would be the wozard's pow.

    Last, it has to be mentioned that while I never studied chess on books, I didn't really receive my skill as a gift. For 10 years I've been playing at the chess club everytime it was open, and I did every tournament within a 100 km range from my house, so I spent practicing all the time that other people spent studying. Another similarity to the wizard/sorceror situation.
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