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Thread: Personal Woes and Advice 2

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    So...hi. I'm Mindfreak.
    I...didn't know where to put this but I needed to get this off of my chest.

    I work at McDonalds. The wage I'm paid is terrible compaired to the work I do.
    Which, after much consideration, I gave my two weeks notice today to take another job.
    This wasn't just because of the wage.
    Some of my co-workers talk badly about me behind my back and lying about what I've said behind my back.
    Today, at work, when I gave the two weeks notice, I had talked to someone I considered to be a friend there about my two week notice and why I was doing it.
    Later, after getting a drink and sitting in the lobby after I clocked out where they couldn't see me(we shouldn't hang out in the lobby. Looks bad so I was trying to hide), I began reading the newspaper.
    This friend thought I had left.
    She then proceeded to completely lie to a couple of the managers of why I was giving my two weeks.
    She painted me in a terrible light.
    So...I left. Walking straight in front of her.
    After I said to her that she shouldn't tell lies about her co-workers and that she needs to mind her manners.

    Did I do the right thing?
    Cause I feel pretty messed up right now.
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