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Looking from a purely objective point of view (ie. look at the RAW and don't consider anything else) is hard for sorcerer to be dismissive of wizard since the latter are usually better at what they do.
To reuse your chess paragon it's like if someone who spent the same number of years you practiced at chess just reading about the rules and the best moves, and manages to beat you 7 or 8 times out of 10.

First, I was kidding at the comparison (I am an engineer too) I kinda liked it.
Second the problem I have with your comparison is that I don't think describes well the situation, see phisicist and engineers, despite the rivalry, don't do the same job, the former are theoreticist that try to explain how thing works, the latter are practicist that, once know how a thing work try to figure out what can be used for; the wizard and the sorcerer on the other hand do the same job, the arcane caster.
The distinction I picture is the sorcerer is the (worker, phisicist, engineer, take your pick) specialized in a narrow field, the wizard the generalist one who can work in any field, if we are in the particular field the sorcerer specialize he can resolve problems faster an better, otherwise he struggles; the wizard instead given enough time, can solve the problems in any possible field almost as better as the sorcerer.

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What we learn from this thread is that anyone can justify their chauvinism to themselves if they try hard enough. And maybe if they're lucky they'll convince others too!
Ain't that the truth.