Erin Watson

Erin's evening had been far from idle - she had spent several hours online, trying to find every piece of information she could about the Cult of Broken Dreams. Google, wikis, news archives, any other Radiant who could be reached online...This was the Information Age, after all.

The next day, however, it was time for Internet denizen Erin Watson to fade into the background, and for the Soul of Reason to step forward. Once she had reached the improvised HQ, she had quickly joined the others in interrogating Gerald.
"Look...we don't have to be enemies. You're hurt. You're scared. But even if you and we disagree on a lot of things, that doesn't mean we want to hurt you.
Generally speaking, people who end up opposed to each other just don't understand each other well enough. So, how about you start by telling us your story? I don't think it started with you being shot at in our high school, obviously!"

What's the roll for her Internet research - Intelligence+Computers? If so, then roll away: (7d10)[1][5][2][6][2][1][5](22)
Presence+Persuade roll to convince him to open up, using the Appeal to Reason Specialty: (6d10)[1][5][5][6][1][10](28)
Wits+Empathy to get a read on his motive: (4d10)[2][2][9][4](17)