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Thread: Help with a city map?

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    Default Help with a city map?

    Hey all, I've just recently gotten drawing pens (fine-liners) and now I'm wanting to make some maps with them. First, I want to create a city map, a map of a city with typical locations, Market District (The city square), Waterfront, the Slums (Next to Waterfront), Living Quarters district, Noble district (with the King's castle.) & Temple District (With 10 temples, one abandoned, other one dedicated to the ruler deity, three other ones for intermediate deities and five for lesser deities.) and some Farmlands around the city.

    Okay, with all those things set in stone. I want to figure out how to fit all these on either A4 or A3, this is where I need help.

    Edit: Also, I need to know what style would fit for this kind of a city map.
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