"One of the most important questions for now, I believe, is the nature of those... creatures my companions were forced to deal with yesterday", Shirley notes thoughtfully, twirling the pencil in her hand; "clearly of unnatural origin, implying they were made, or created, or summoned somehow. Now, the question is, first, by whom; and, second, what kind of authority did you have over them? Was it you who ordered them to attack people, or did they acted on the orders to protect you, for example? And in case of latter, could you possibly order them to stop? You must understand, Mr. Gerald, that answers to these questions would in no small measure determine the extent of your guilt in the yesterday's accident; Just please, don't try to lie, for I will know." Suddenly not absent minded at all, she was catching his every word, a pencil at the ready to take notes.
I suppose Presence + Investigation is the "default" interrogation roll; 1 success is better than nothing, I suppose.