Erin Watson

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“O-Okay.” It took the man some time to warm up to it, but eventually he began to expound on who he was and how he came to be in this position.

“I’m just an office manager,” He explains, “I work for a telecommunications company. I’m not anyone important, I’m barely anything in the group, you have to believe me.” There’s a long pause, and then he begins to explain further. “I joined them a little after my wife died, a few months ago. They came to me when I was in a really bad place, and they explained that it was alright, and it was natural, and that if I went along with what I was feeling I could make things better. I didn’t-I didn’t want to die. And they were offering so much more. More power, a new life, things that could make me forget…so I started going to their meetings.”

He continued, alternating between speaking quickly, or slowly and hesitantly when he was unsure if the information would be well received. “I didn’t do a lot of stuff. I just moved people and things around, or picked them up, or went and watched people and places they told me to. They said if I kept doing well I’d be able to do the things they could do. I was supposed to pick up this book from a store and take it to the meeting. When I got there, though-“ Here he shudders visibly. “They came in. There was a woman there, she was like the one that you saw, but she was different. She had a-a spear. A spear, and armor, and she was just-“

At this point, he had to take another break before finishing: “She was just killing people. Even the ones that were using their powers. Some of them she let live, but the rest of her men took them. I just ran, I ran as fast as I could.”
"Gerald..." there was genuine sadness in Erin's voice. "I think I can understand why you would join with them. Everyone can get...unstable...when our emotions overwhelm us. And I can't imagine it getting much more overwhelming than grief at the loss of someone so close to you."
She took a deep breath. "But everything I've heard about this Cult of Broken Dreams...It doesn't sound like they help people deal with their grief. It sounds like they cultivate it. There's so many suicides associated with them that, well..."